RFP opened on Saturday, and I couldn’t have been more thrilled with the turnout and response. Gamble Cosmos was incredible and imbued the space with creative energy that kept folks drawing all night! I thoroughly enjoyed poring over the additions made by many over the course of the evening, and look forward to posting details for you all over the coming weeks.

Thanks to EVERYONE who came and contributed to what was a fantastic evening. Also, I’m a couple hours into RFP’s open hours for February and have already welcomed a number of awesome visitors who had no idea about EMP or what was going on, but saw the visuals from across the street and started their days with an unexpected art experience. So great! I’ll be here daily, M-F, 11-5, so come one, come all!

Some photos of the space and of the evening:

panorama 2Panorama from the front door

ACCE kids LaDan Welcome


table shot opening people drawing

This table was set up for individuals to add their words and marks to the piece – I was thrilled that many did so (and continue to today!)

through the window threshold people at opening

Further installation details


Hanging out in the piece


My co-conspirator Nolan!

Do a thingadditions

A beautifully disorderly table this morning along with LOTS of visitor contributions

panoramaAnother panorama, this one a little closer to the middle space