I’ve installed signs on the windows (“RFP Loves Visitors!” “It’s an artwork!” “OPEN!” “COME ON IN!” etc) as well as an encouraging sandwich board outside the space, to excellent results: more people are actually coming inside to check out what’s happening and not just lingering by the windows. (The enculturation we get from intimidating gallery attendants, museum security, and the like is terribly strong…) And as visitors come, more little orange and red cards go up on the walls, to my unending fascination. Check out a second installment of these below!

I was also pleased to have 901 Arts visit the space on Wednesday evening – what a terrific, creative group of kids. 901 Arts is a wonderful resource in Baltimore’s Waverly neighborhood, providing visual arts and music classes to kids in the area. It’s clear from the numerous “901 ARTS IS AWESOME!!!” cards that went up that evening that it’s a much beloved institution which everyone should absolutely support. Baltimore needs more institutions that provide such immense value to neighborhoods, and the ones that exist depend on support to exist. I’ll be visiting them after open hours next week to help out with the making of a Waverly collage for their space, and hope to post some pictures of both visits soon thereafter.

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