Hanging out at EMP during open hours for the past week and a half has allowed me not only to greet visitors and talk to them about the piece and their ideas, but also to turn some of those ideas into additions to the work as a whole.

That said, the first thing I did upon opening up was to add some encouraging signage to the front door:


Druid HIll Park was an early suggestion:


So were Area 405, the Station North Tool Library, 901 Arts, and more bikes and bike lanes:


All the above are visible in context along with some other additions – a fire station, and a dangling “BALTIMORE” sign among them:


Lots of visitors talk about transit, so I added some mass transit to the piece:

IMG_2850 IMG_2844

The middle part of the space contains lots of real estate up top for adding new layers:

IMG_2854 IMG_2816

Right now, I’m working on some additional layers for the back as well as some floor pieces and further dangling signs. And people come in and add to the walls every day. Stop by and see how things are changing!